Week 2 definitions / revision notes:

Information is sourced from E-business slides and Moodle port (revision notes).

Text sourced from: http://mylams.com/ebusiness/topics-1-6/topic-two-navigating-the-web/ http://z987jgka2l.talkiforum.com/20150310/week-2-navigating-the-web-4617129/?viewmark=1

Elements of good navigation:

  1. Use simple and user friendly terms for navigation menu.
  2. Use breadcrumbs to let visitors know where they are (parents > child relationship search).
  3. Use a site map.
  4. Provide descriptive links.
  5. Put headings on top location.
  6. Do not clutter the footer section.
  7. Should be easily found.
Good navigation should enable visitors to get the information and helps search engine bots crawl through and index the web.
Navigation- The theory and practice of how people move from page to page.
Embedded navigation- Global, local and contextual. Global and local should act as a container for content of site.
Supplementary navigation-
Indexes: Similar to book indexes and are generally alphabetical.
Site Maps: Insight into site hierarchy (generally a top down approach).
Guides: Tours and tutorials.
Search: Sites like facebook and ebay rely on search.
Google’s success:
Have a culture fostered around innovation.
Ideas become prototypes and then questioned how the new product or service would work.
Search engine definition:
Are programs that search documents for specified keywords and return a list of documents where keywords were found. A search engine is a general class of programs, however the term is often used to specifically describe the systems like Google, Bing and Yahoo, search that enable users to search for documents on the world wide web.
Cloud based services-
Have exploded in recent years.
Include well known products like: MS Office 365, Accounting platforms (such as MYOB, Quicken, Xero), storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox and so on.
The attraction is anywhere/any time access and the removal of need to install your own software.
Xero, syncs with bank accounts and people’s accountants can also access it anytime.

Software companies have embraced cloud services because they offer a constant income stream. Amazon makes more out of technology than they do from selling books!

Disruptive technologies are hitting the market and the banking/financial services industry is a good example. I am already using Paypal Here instead of a bank sponsored EFTPOS machine and today SQUARE has launched card readers in Australia.