Week 11 questions.

Web 2.0: According to: (http://www.oreilly.com/pub/a/web2/archive/what-is-web-20.html?page=1),  states that, at the time where everyone thought the internet was not important anymore, web 2.0 found that it was still important and mostly as ever! New applications were appearing rapidly! Web 2.0 basically meant that applications and webpages were upgrading to a more powerful and influential stage in the development of the world wide web. It was progression of tools, personal websites turned into “blogs” and “wikis”, it was getting more and more focused on simplifying processes and buzz names so consumers could more easily use and identify apps! With a focus of continuous improvement and not being “trapped” by the features or problems of web 1.0. Also embeds innovation and the comparison between new and old applications replacing one another.

Web 3.0: Evolution of of the world wide web where machines perform information reading and tasks unimaginable or possible for humans. Artificial intelligence is used and mobility is always prevalent through some sort of device/machine. Has the ability to change our lives, revolutionary discoveries being made. The revolution of computer tech, in-sighting bots and other robots created to not only produce human answers, but be able to perform intense data functions and memory.

Popular URL’s revision notes: 

Exercise – select five applications that you have not heard of before from Popular URL’s and describe on your blog page how they could be useful to a business.

  1. Flickr.com is a Yahoo app! It is a photo sharing application that can aid businesses in their marketing scheme. It is a photo sharing and editing app, so businesses can create images of their business products or service and share them with consumers. It also has built in storage so multiple files can be saved and produced at a time. For blogs and online, businesses could utilize the quality of those edits by using them as headers or images contained on their own webpage.
  2. 500 PX. Is also another photo sharing application that businesses can engage with and use online. It allows you to license your own photos online and also share them with friends. By businesses utilizing the form of social media sharing, they can reach a greater pool of customers. It is very similar to the app, Instagram and can be downloaded from the app store or on Google Play store.
  3. Pinboard. Is a bookmarking site that allows you to connect multiple accounts of varied sources whilst still being able to bookmark each link individually. I think this is a very useful tool for online businesses who need to constantly check for dead links and have multiple accounts running at the same time. It can also be effective in never losing contact details etc.
  4. Reddit. Is a social media and news site where entertainment and news headlines are sourced. I think Reddit could be relevant for any business to see what kind of products, services and stories are impacted the public, especially in relation to new innovation and marketing in a way consistent with the like of the public. In relation to Reddit’s popularity, businesses would be wise to create adverts and pay for them to be featured on this site.
  5. Dzone: Is a very large website with a giant amount of users of the web. It is aimed at the publishers of technical content for software users so it is perfect for businesses! It is an educational site, it provides tips and strategic advice to these businesses. It would be a perfect learning tool for any professional, with multiple communities online willing to improve your expertise.

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