Week 10 questions:

1) What is meant by the following statements?

Trust is not associative (non-symmetric): Trust may be given by an individual but that may not mean that the recipient trusts them back. This can be a one sided affair but if both parties trust each other, it is more likely for a successful business. Customers must trust the business they are buying from but that business may not trust the consumer. This means that set up policies and payment tools that ensures customers pay on time, return items in good condition (if wanting a refund), etc.
Trust is not transitive: Sellers do not automatically gain consumer trust just because they have had previous success or been trusted in another domain name. You have to build trust because without it, you will be unsuccessful at having people visit your site or potentially buy your product. You must earn it by demonstrating that you are a trustworthy site and have consumer interest at heart.
Trust is always between exactly 2 parties: Two separate parties such as a seller and a buyer will need trust in their relationship. Trust may be extended to extra parties such as domain, distribution, postal services all in order to enact a purchase process. Trust can be between two parties, or more, dependent on how many intermediaries there are between a seller and a buyer receiving their product/service.

Trust will involve either direct trust or recommended trust: Direct trust is when a consumer trusts their seller because they genuinely and personally believe that they will do the right thing. Recommended trust merely means when a consumer trusts a business because someone else has recommended it to them and therefore see it as someone they can also trust. Experience of others affects trust levels in new consumers.

2a) Have a look at the following websites. What are some of the elements that have been incorporated to increase your trust in the sites? If there are also some aspects which decrease your level of trust describe them as well.

http://www.opencolleges.edu.au It advertises on it’s homepage that it is Nationally renowned for it’s services. It is very visual with descriptive photos and an easy to navigate home page. There is everything you need to access on the homepage and ;osted below is it’s company and credentials. There are help pages and links to other areas relating to their site. It is also very straight forward and a simple layout.
http://www.creditunionsa.com.au/ It is a recently updated website and lists that below as 2016. It’s colour scheme matches it’s brand and consumers can identify with it’s advertisments from television etc. It also advertises well known brands such as Google which consumers can trust.
http://www.thinkgeek.com Simple layout. Has well known brands that it stocks plastered above in it’s toolbar. Has a well known brand logo. It also is easy to navigate and has large pictures listing their items for sale.
https://stripe.com The fact you can sign in inserts a feel of membership and trust. Blue theme affects viewers in a calm and trustworthy way. The large advert for their service at the top ensures viewers with the notion it is a professional site. Also the amount of direct links and relevant applications for their business help users beleive the site is safe and trustworthy.

2b) Find a web site yourself that you think looks untrustworthy:

I have used an untrustworthy application called audacity, which is a sound editor. It generally is broadly used and is not seen as a poor site. Unfortunately I downloaded it from a site in which gave my brother’s laptop viruses and pop up advertisements. You can also download music from that application that looked very skeptical and also became part of the problem. Since we have downloaded software protection which identifies which websites are safe to use, good work on our part.


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