Week 4 questions

1. In two paragraphs explain why a customer centric Web site design is so important, yet so difficult to accomplish:

In reference to: (http://smallbusiness.chron.com/importance-customer-centric-design-30693.html), having a customer centric website means that businesses should create a web page through the eyes of their consumers, as if they were visiting the site. Some of the customer friendly aspects they spoke about include: an ease of use, ability to generate revenue from sales and their company information. Also a web design should emphasise the resolution of problems for customers, also they should improve how quickly they can be solved, as this will impact the companies reputation! According to: (http://digitalenterprise.org/transcripts/design_tr.html) it is very important to provide an easy purchase process for consumers, one that covers all basis’s. This is a very complex process to achieve, it can take years to perfect a website and not to mention how much it will cost!

Webpages should strike a balance between having a standardized theme that is used by consumers and a more appealing layout that will attract them to their site. There can be a throwoff between design and functionality. Just because a website looks pretty does not mean that is will be functionally sound. Sites should be functional because at the end of the day, consumers are generally visiting your site because it has a product or service that they are interested in using, thus making it easy to make transactions and to interact with your site. Consumers need to be attracted to the design and layout of the site, this is hard for web creators to gage because consumers want to visit great sites but also be able to scroll through them with ease. Web sites that are purely functional may lack design, minimising customer visits and limiting their reach.

2. Define the term ‘presence’. Write an additional paragraph that describes why firms that do business on the Web should be more concerned about presence than firms that operate in the physical world.

Google defines the word presence as “the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present.” Websites need to have a great online presence, this means that they should be continually visible and attractive to consumers. Businesses can build a better presence by improving the design of their webpages, by inserting bold images and improving the usability of their site.

Businesses on the web need to have a two way presence. Consumers need to be aware of the business, no clicks on their page equivocate to no transactions and no business. In the real world, businesses are visible from the outside and people who pass by the business have the option of entering the store but when it comes to a website, consumers need to trust and of heard of the page in the first place. Webpages need to advertise and rank highly in searches so that they are accessible to anybody! There are millions of webpages and in order to stand out they must have a big presence online and this may be done by using innovative processes, having a seamless purchase process, bold images and an overall appeal to the target market.

3. *Usable Doesn’t Have To Mean Ugly ‘for a web design to be truly beautiful, it has to be functional, have purpose and contribute in some way to the website’s intuitiveness, usefulness and branding. All of these things contribute to the overall effect of a design’. This is a quote from one of the articles on web design linked on Web pages that suck. Find a web page that ‘does not suck’ and discuss the features that make it work:

Chrometer.com is a simple webpage that tracks the amount of nutrients in your food. You enter the webpage and the home screen instantly invites you to sign up (which is a good function for the page because you instantly enter their email list). The home page is a bold design but also very simplistic to use. One of the features that makes it easy to use, is it’s dropdown list that has every food available, you pick the food or search them in the search tab at the top. The next page brings up all of the nuttrients and calories in the food you have entered, everything you need to see is on the same page so it easy to see exactly what you wanted to know without having to find multiple pages about the foods on other sites! The only negative to this webpage is that if you access it through your mobile device through the internet, it is not compatible for that as the screen is not empobalised for mobile device, meaning you have to zoom up on the section you want to use and is difficult to use. Otherwise there is a mobile app that you can use which cuts out those problems anyhow!


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